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    Archer D9. no access to HDD

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    I have connected 500GB USB HDD to the Archer D9. If I enter modem settings it is showing my HDD, but won't allow to add any folder to list of shared folders. It will also not going to make all folders shared if I check option "share all".
    Firmware Version:0.9.1 0.1 v0041.0 Build 160303 Rel.58582n
    Hardware Version:Archer D9 v1 00000000

    Bought this one in Australia. Support people on the phone does not know about this firmware and have no suggestions.

    Any help is wellcome.

    Thank you in advance.

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    can you show us some screenshot when you are trying to add folder?

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    Sorry for the delayed response. Had to be overseas for some time.
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    Here is login screen and device/sharing settings screenshots.
    On login page it shows me the disc is StorJet with capacity of 500GB, but on next 2 screenshots it is not present. Obviously disc is in good working condition and accesible by all TVs/PCs and Laptop at my home.
    What do I do to battle this? any ideas?

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    forgot to tell HDD is in exFAT.

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    D9 supports FAT32,NTFS but not exFAT


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