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    Unable to access https sites with Access Control enabled

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Model : TL-MR6400 v1

    Hardware Version : MR6400 v1 00000000

    Firmware Version : 1.012 Build 160322 Rel.33912n


    I've recently bought the above router and am using it in 3G/4G mode. The router is intended for use at a tennis club for members to access the lta site only so I want to configure Access Control. I have configured an access control rule as follows:

    Enable Internet Access Control - Checked
    Allow the packets specified by any enabled access control policy to pass through the Router

    Host - MAC address of device accessing the router
    Target - Domain of 'lta'
    Schedule - Permanent
    Status - Enabled

    If I now try and access lta.org.uk I am redirected to https://www.lta.org.uk/ and the page fails to load. All other pages also fail to load as expected since the Access Rule should only allow access to domains containing 'lta'.

    If I change the target to be 'sainsburys' and save the update I am able to access http://sainsburys.co.uk/

    If I change the target to be 'google' and save the update, on trying to access google.com I am redirected to https://www.google.co.uk and again the page fails to load.

    If I turn off Access Control, I am able to access lta, google and sainsburys.

    Am I missing something where Access Control doesn't work for sites using https? Or have I missed configuring something somewhere?



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    this access control doesn't support https , that is the reason why it won't work.

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    Thanks Shield101,

    I didn't see the lack of support for https mentioned in the documentation. In fact, the example configuration in the documentation uses google and as I mentioned above, this doesn't work since it's an https site.

    I'll look for alternative ways to restrict access.


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    Does it mean that all TP-Link 3G/4G router does not support https when Access Control is enabled?


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