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Thread: Hs200 issues

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    Angry Hs200 issues

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    I have two switches that appear to be installed correctly. They are powered up and connected to router. They are connected to the app. They don't turn on the light either manually or via the App. I spend an hour trying to explain to to the manual reading support guy to no avail. I can't honestly see how I have 2 bad switches. Any ideas?

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    Right, more likely it's a wiring issue, especially if you hear a click from each when turned on or off. You could confirm with a meter but the lights not turning on is pretty definitive... usually something like that is the wiring loose inside the pigtail or simply using the wrong wires. Tying the output (load) wire to the input wire can test for a bad relay. but both being bad is a bit odd.
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    there is a setup video, you can have a look first.


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