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    "internet status: Unknown" TL-WA850RE

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Can't seem to get this to work at all.

    I was unable to access it via my laptop at all. i can see it, but when i try to bring up the webpage to set it up i just get it loading endlessly.

    I'm able to access it through my iphone though and set it up. Problem then is that, first off i still cant even access the admin page through my laptop, but also it's not transmitting internet so i cant even use it properly with my phone.

    I check the mapping on my phone and it shows all connections as green, except for the internet, it shows "Status unknown".

    I've tried resetting it, still same problem. Not sure what else i can do at this point before having to return it.

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    can you show us screenshot of that status unknown? also the log.
    Also check if there is any firewall or filtering on the router, disable it.
    the extender can do a firmware upgrade first.


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