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    Problems with RE580D connected to AP500

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    First time posting , sorry if i make mistakes writing in english, i´m from spain.

    I have a router (HGU model, Mitrastar from movistar ISP) with wifi disconnected.

    Wired, i have an AP , TPLINK AP500 working real fine.

    I need to cover a huge area , so I adquired a TPLINK RE580D and connected it to the AP500. The connections fails every 30 min aprox. Both AP500 and RE580D stops working properly, you seem to have wifi cover but it doesn´t work at all.

    AP500 has an static ip asigned, and DHCP not activated.

    RE580D don´t have an static IP , and DHCP is not activated.

    I would apreciate if someone could help me solving this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    is RE580D in repeater mode? can you check the DHCP client list on your router to see if they both get an ip address from the router?
    you can also try firmware upgrade for both units.

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    First of all , thanks for you fast answer.

    I already cheked the DHCP cliente and both gets ip adress , the work fine together for 30 min to 1 hour before failing.

    RE580D is in repeater mode.

    Tried to find firmware update but there is not, so they are up to date with the last firmware.

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    Both of them gets ip in DHCP client list , RE580D is repeater mode, and both of them are up to date in firmware (the original, there´s no new firmeware for them)..

    Thanks for the answer

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    move the extender re580d closed to AP500. if no luck, contact TP-Link support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uutommi View Post
    move the extender re580d closed to AP500. if no luck, contact TP-Link support.
    I did it, send them the logs they asked for, and they´ve told me that the range extender is not ok and that i have to ask for a sustitution where i bought it.

    Thank u very much for your help.


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