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    Hi, we have 2 WA901ND acces point in our office with same SSID.
    We have same problem with both: we experiment random ethernet disconnects. If we unplug and replug the RJ45 cable we can ping again the AP.
    Wait some time 5min and then can't ping the AP.

    3.16.9 Build 160304 Rel.36585n
    Hardware Version: WA901ND v4 00000000

    Any idea ?
    Thank's for help.

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    try another port /cable on the router/switch? is the lan light off when problem happens? Test the ports on the network.

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    Strangely the light is on on the switch (a tp link too) when the disconnection happens. We have the problem on 2 units of the access point.
    I have other equipements on the switch which works well.

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    no clues, it is suggested to contact tp-link support.


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