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    M7350 issue with two row USSD replies

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    I got M7350 MiFi router and observe issues wth some USSD replies.

    Mobile operator Vivacom Bulgaria.

    While sending USSD request *102# I receive correct one-row reply
    but if I send *104#, reply to which should consist of two rows of data I could only see first row.

    On my phone wth the same SIM card everything is working normally, I get full two rows reply.

    Thak You!


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    can you show us some screenshot?

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    Attached two screenshots (reply to *102# and *104#


    I've attached two printscreen files.

    One file shows correct data (this is long row reply to *102#) - file name: "Correct_Star102Hash.jpg"
    Another one is incorrect showing just first row of data saying: "Imate:" (reply to *104#) - file name: "Incorrect_Star104Hash.jpg"

    Reply to *104# should actualy have second row showing how my Gb left on my account and validity perod of my account.


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    try another web browser and using MiFi app to do that through sms? You can search MiFi on app store or google play.

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    I've tried IE, Chrome, Firefox on the PC and Chrome and Dolphin on the phone - result is the same.
    MiFi application does not give possibility to send USSD.
    SMS requests whether are not supported by operator or they keep this information secret. At least I was not able to find which number and codes to use.

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    it is working in 4g only mode? if so, ussd won't work well.

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    It is in 4G preferred mode. I tried in 3G only, result was the same.

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    it is suggested to email tp-link support

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    Thank You!

    Sent request to TP-Link support


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