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    Question PharOS in WISP application

    Model : CPE210

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 1.3.3

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    To integrate TP-Link hardware in my existent WISP network with self-made monitoring software I need the fowling data and features:
    1)Getting from AP information about CPE: MAC,CCQ, SignalLevel etc.
    2)Availability to deauth CPE by MAC via command from Management System (I am using EAP-PEAP auth and CoA to manage my current hardware)
    3)Availability to deny Access for CPE with low signal level (so-called sensivity threshold )

    Are this features available in PharOS? How can I access them?

    Thanks, Alex from Russia.

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    I just find CCQ and SignalLevel are available in PhraOS, please see the attachment.Attachment 5639
    I don't think the PharOS suppots the second and third features.

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    Invalid ilnk . Please provide command to get CCQ and Signal Level, thanks.

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    I just contacted the support guys and they said the PharOS cpe/wbs do not support CLI configuration, No command can be provided.


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