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    Thumbs up AC3200 poor wifi performance

    Model : AC3200

    Hardware Version : v1

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 0.1 v004b.0 Build 160202 Rel.13013n

    ISP : convergeict 50mb fiber[/COLOR]

    with 8 devices connected to AC3200 the router become LAGGY.. expensive router with poor wifi performance... my linksys ea2700 has a better performance compare to my tplink ac3200
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    is 192.1698.0.100 router ip address?by default it is those 8 devices are all wireless? if you ping router lan ip and any public ip, any difference about the time?
    t's suggested to contact TP-Link support.

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    no its a Wireless CCTV , i setup my router to default ip ..... when i connect 4 CCTVs to my Linksys EA2700 and try to ping it i got a 1ms response and the video is on my monitor is not laggy... but when the cctv is connected to tplink ac3200 the video streaming is delay and laggy with high ping response and when i try to reboot the router and ping the wireless cctv i will get a 1ms response but after 10 to 15minutes the ping response is unstable again... currently i use my ea2700 linksys without any issueName:  43543543regdfgfdgfdgfd.PNG
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    if you ping router, what is the time?
    how about only one CCTV and computer to the router and ping again.
    if it is still high ping, the router may be not working well.

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    Yeah I tried both the 3200 and 3150 sent 3200 back as it performed much worse then the 3150 and the c9 I already had (when it would work, dhcp stopped working on the c9 for some reason).
    3200 has some kind of issue with poor wifi from my short experience with it.
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