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    TP Link nc220 wireless network

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    Good morning

    Can anyone help me?
    I want to install a NC 220 cloud camera on garage, but i donīt have Physical internet network . Can i connect the cloud account and send data via wireless with speed of 11 Mbps?



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    do you mean there is no lan port on your router? if so, there is no other way we can install this camera.

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    Yes that is , i donīt have lan port, only wireless. My another question is, the signal of 11 Mbps itīs enough to send data to a cloud? Thank for you support . Regards

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    yes, 11 Mbps itīs enough to send data to a cloud.

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    Good question,I have the same issue and I want to resolve this problem but i didn't get solution.Anyone know so please share.
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    As far as I know, we must have Ethernet connection to install the camera. But it is fine for us to use wifi after installing.


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