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    What model should I buy?

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    Hi, I tried calling the 800 number for pre-sales questions and couldn't get through. We can't get a good connection to stream HD videos in the basement and the patio. Ideally, I would like a powerline adapter in the basement to hard wire the Fire TV and have a WiFi extender close to the patio. So I thought a pair of powerline adapters and a WiFi extender (3 items in total) should get the work done. But when I checked Amazon.com, I see so many TP-Link models 200, 300, 500 starting from $25 to $106 and it left me confused. What model should I buy? We get around 50 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload?

    Thanks. Any feedback would be really appreciated.

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    By any means go with the AV1200 series (now stupidly renamed AV1300 to one-up the competition, but it's still really the same thing).

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    TL-WPA8730KIT? That wireless extender one has 2 ethernet ports which you can wired to your TV and it also provide Wi-Fi.

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    Thanks @PeterM, @flyingsnow. I found the AV1200 WPA8730 KIT here https://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-AC175...dp/B01K1JJ0X2/ for $104.99. Bur there's also an AC2000 for $10 less (WPA8630)

    Yes, we need to hard wire the TV in the basement and also have WiFi in the same room. And since the patio is far away from the basement, I guess we'll need to buy just a WiFi extender (TL-WPA4530 - AC750 - $62.55)? It doesn't really matter if I don't have an ethernet port here. Both devices seem to support both 2.4 and 5 GHz which is what we'll need.

    I do need to read some documentation on the differences between AC2000, AC1200 and AC750 to make sure these are compatible with each for optimal speeds. If you need know about it, please let me know, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks again.

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    On googling, I found out that AC1700, 1200 and 750 just indicate the combination of the dual band speeds. Still need to find out the difference between WPA8730 and WPA8630

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    the only difference is the wireless speed, WPA8730 is 1750Mpbs while 8630 is 1200Mbps. I think 8630 is suitable for you.

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    @EnsonLoo. OK. Thank you. I did email customer service about the difference between WPA8730 and WPA8630 and they said the only difference is that the 8730 has an AC passthrough while the 8630 doesn't. But when I look at pictures at https://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-AC175...dp/B01K1JJ0X2/ and the comparison chart midway below, I can see they both have AC passthroughs and the speed on the 8730 is "up to" 1750Mbps. I think I know what I want now.

    Thanks again to all of you for your help, and have a great day!

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    There's an 8630P (with Passthrough) and a plain 8630 (with rabbit ears antennae and no passthrough). Just for the maturity of the PLC chip and firmware, I'd never use the AV2000 stuff.

    So for your basement, go with any one of the AV1200 kits w/ wireless. Plug the plain PLC near your router, and the wireless one goes in the basement. You best use another one of those wireless PLC adapters in an indoors outlet near your patio (not outside!) for good wireless coverage.

    Having to buy two kits, you'll end up with one spare plain PLC adapter - but who knows where else in the house you'll find a LAN connection useful.

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    @PeterM, OK. Thanks, I'll do that.


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