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    Frequent Asked Questions

    1. How to set up Deco? Watch video

    Make sure your Android or iOS device has access to the internet through cellular data or Wi-Fi, then follow these steps:

    1) Download the Deco app from the App Store or Google Play.

    2) Sign up for a TP-Link ID in the Deco app.

    3) Follow the instructions in the app to set up your primary Deco unit.

    4) Continue following the instructions to add additional Deco units to your network.

    5) Connect your wireless devices to your Deco network and enjoy!

    2. Does Deco support Access Point mode?

    Deco hasn's supported AP mode yet. However, we will add this feature in later firmware release in July.

    Currently, the main Deco (first) will work in Router mode by default after setup, and the other two Deco units will extend the Deco network from the main unit, via both wireless or wired connection (Ethernet Backhaul).

    Note: In AP mode, any router features will be non-configurable (including Parental Controls, Antivirus, Port Forwarding, Address Reservation and QoS), as all the IP address are assigned and controlled by the main router (not Deco).

    3. Can I change the IP range of Deco? Can I change it to another subnet?

    The default LAN IP of the main Deco unit is, and the default DHCP range is

    Deco will detect the IP conflict with the front-end modem or router. For example, if the front-end router has the LAN IP address of, then Deco will change its own IP range to 192.168.1.x.

    Currently Deco hasn't an option to manually change the LAN IP or DHCP settings. However, the Deco team has plans to add such features in future firmware releases. Let's look forward to the updates.

    4. How many devices can be connected to a Deco network?

    The number of client devices that can be connected at once depends on the type of devices connected and the usage mix of those devices.

    Deco can support up to 64 devices in homes with a mix of IoT products, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and peripherals, such as wireless printers.

    Please find more FAQs on the TP-Link official website:

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