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    How to set up Port Forwarding on the Deco app

    Port Forwarding is used to make a device or service in your home network accessible to computers on the internet. Typical applications include allowing remote management to security cameras within the local network, permitting access to HTTP, FTP and other local servers, etc.

    Port Forwarding can be used for setting up public services in your local network, such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, POP3/SMTP and Telnet. Different service uses different service port. Port 80 is used in HTTP service, port 21 in FTP service, port 25 in SMTP service and port 110 in POP3 service.

    Please verify the service port number before the configuration.

    How to setup:

    1. Launch the Deco app, tap the Settings icon at the bottom right corner;

    2. Tap Advanced -> Port Forwarding -> Create

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    3. Choose a Service Type, type in the Service Name, tap Internal IP to select a device you want to open ports for, and then type in its External Port and Internal Port (Service Port). Tap Done.

    Note: If you leave the Internal Port blank, then the internal ports will be the same as the external ones.

    For example, if you set up the External Port as 5000-5001, leave the Internal Port blank. Then the internal port 5000-5001 will be opened automatically after you complete the setup.
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