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    How to set up Ethernet Backhaul with Deco M5

    Ethernet Backhaul is a feature which makes it possible to wired the Deco units together.

    Thanks to this feature, every two Deco units can be wired with an Ethernet cable. And Deco will prefer to transmit data between two units through the Ethernet connection, which is more stable and faster than Wi-Fi.

    Here are two typical connection structures for Ethernet Backhaul:

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    1. Please note that the main Deco unit will act as an NAT router by default.

    2. Please set up the three Deco units on the same network at first through the Deco app before you wired them together.

    3. Please make sure there aren't any other DHCP servers behind the main Deco. Otherwise, it will cause the second and third Deco units obtain an invalid IP address which doesn't have internet access.

    4. If you have switches on the network and find Ethernet Backhaul not working, please check the management IP address of your switches. It seems that some switches adopt (which is the same as the LAN IP address of the main Deco) as the management IP, which may cause some conflicts on the network. In this case, it's recommended to change the management IP address of switches to another subnet.
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    Dear TP,Is is strictly necessary for AP's to be in WiFi range of at least one other AP when they are connected by Ethernet as well?

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    Nope, once the Deco units are wired together, they will communicate with each other directly via the wired connection bypassing Wi-Fi.

    You can have a check on your side.

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    Does it matter which port on the DECO we use to connect to the wired switch? And can we then hang another switch off the 2nd/3rd/4th deco and pass wired traffic to those devices?
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    Ethernet backhaul is NOT working for me can you please help?
    Here is my setup:-
    Model:-> Deco 5 :-> Gigabit Switch 1:-> Gigabit Switch 2:-> second Deco 5 (Not working)
    l-> Third Deco 5 (Not working)
    If I connect my older Asus router in Access point mode in place of second deco 5 or Third Deco 5 my Asus router works in Access point mode.
    Can you please give us detailed steps regarding how I can connect.
    When I try resetting 2nd or 3rd deco it blinks blue and try to connect but gives some error error.at the end.

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    Yep, you can do like that. Just make sure all the data from 2nd/3rd/4th Deco units are finally forwarded and processed by the main one.

    Have you tried to connect the second Deco directly to the LAN port of the main one? Will it work in this case? If yes, it seems an issue between Deco and the switches. Try to change the management IP address of the switches for a check.
    Need to clarify that you need to firstly set up the three units in the same network via the Deco app before you use the Ethernet Backhaul features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TP-Link Deco View Post
    Nope, once the Deco units are wired together, they will communicate with each other directly via the wired connection bypassing Wi-Fi.You can have a check on your side.
    Dear TP, I did check and it most certainly looks like the Deco units need to be in wireless range even when hard wired, if a unit is out of WiFi range it goes red and is reported in app as not connected. The thing is that this behavior is not consistent nor immediately. However, there surely is something fishy with the wired backhaul.


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