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    Archer C5400 V2 New Firmware Released

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Anyone brave enough to try this?


    Be interested to know if it's going to fix all of the web management access issues and DHCP reservation description saves.

    Archer C5400(EU)_V2_170630

    P.S. Take note of the release notes:

    3. Your device's configuration will be lost after the upgrade, which means you need to re-configure your device again.
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    Ok, I took the plunge. Bit of a pain redoing the config but well worth it. Much more stable than previous version and all my reported bugs quashed. Quite a bit different too. The only thing is there doesn't seem to be a way to disable QoS, but apart from that very happy. Good job TP-Link, and thanks for listening to your customers

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    No download link for new firmware !

    No download link for new firmware !

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiupapuc View Post
    No download link for new firmware !

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    It appears they have removed the link, but it is still there.

    In my original post, click on the text that says Archer C5400(EU)_V2_170630

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    How is there no bridge mode on this router?

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    do you mean wds bridge or ?

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    Yes. Exactly. A wds bridge.

    Am I missing something? If this is my router, how can I use another like-modeled-router to extend my root router?

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    Why isn't there any new firmware for the C5400 V1?

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    obviously wds bridge function has been moved from this router. range extender is more suitable, i think .

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    Refer to my previous post. Anyone have the same problem for the parental control?


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    Quote Originally Posted by zeuscho View Post
    Refer to my previous post. Anyone have the same problem for the parental control?http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....ontrol-problem
    Yes and I also have issues with upload on the speed test

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    upload is ok with modem directly?


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