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    Can't always connect, needs a restart

    Model :

    Hardware Version : MR6400 v1 00000000

    Firmware Version : 1.0.12 Build 160322 Rel.33912n

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hi guys, so I have a "simple" problem: my router is super fast after a restart, but it slows down, and by that I mean I can't really load any webpages, but it can successfully play songs on Spotify (yes, while the problem occurs and in highest quality, no stutters) watch YT videos, and I can even message my friends online, but no picture will load etc. It is also happening to other members of the family, not just me. (both wired and wireless)

    Here's a speedtest after a restart: http://imgur.com/a/K7OID

    I tried everything, checking the settings etc, clearing caches, changing DNS, using different browsers anything you can think of, there is nothing in the router logs, all connectivity things are OK (I'm not in a crowded area actually (a 700 member small village) and it has 100% connectivity and coverage. I have full speed at unlimited data.) the router has the latest official firmware. There is no DD-WRT firmware for this. Please help, I'm desperate. Thanks in advance.

    I usually slows down when there is too mayn elements to load. For example: pinterest, deviantart, or even google search. No problem with facebook or tumblr though, but when the problem occurs everything is slow, except streaming. :/ it seems like it can not connect, but can download/upload idk And browsers usually state that the page took too long to respond.

    It is a TL-MR6400.

    Or can you guys link me beta firmwares?
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    what bandwidth your ISP provided to you? unplug the tplink and connect directly to your internet modem, will it be the same? if no, you may contact TP-Link support directly and ask for further help.


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