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    <Alexa> tp smart plug / smart bulb is offline

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    Hi community,

    my recently purchased TP Smart Bulb and Smart Plug worked 100% with amazon Alexa within the first hour of usage and playing around. Now Alexa keeps saying "device is not reachable" / "device is offline". After repeating my command the device is online again. Seems like some kind of standby of these TP smart devices.

    Whats the actual problem and how can this be solved?


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    Weak wifi signal? Move the device closer to your router to test. If it still fails, then I guess it's the TP link device.

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    Hi, my apartment is pretty small. Is a distance without wall from router to device of approximately 5 meters. Other devices like Macbook having no problem being even further away.

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    what signal strengthen and firmware version on the plug? (you can find it under kasa--devices---device settings ) When Alexa can't find the plug, can you use kasa app to control it? if no, what is the model number of your main router? how often does it happen?


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