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    Unhappy WDS Not working with status "RUN"

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    Hello .
    I have a problem with my TP-Link 3G/4G Wireless N Router "MR3220", suddenly WDS service doesn't work,
    knowing that I have used it always by enable WDS and disable DHCP option, then the modem working correctly, but today the modem doesn't make any response and showing no internet access. I tried to rest and restart the modem but the problem is still. Knowing that the first modem (the primary) is working good and no problems.

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    any ip conflict? reboot the primary modem as well?

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    Hello UUtommi..
    There is No IP conflict between two routers, even I tried to restore the primary modem as well.. but the problem is still.

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    what ip address your computer can get when it is connected to MR3220 via cable?


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