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    Setup help Needed for a WA5210G

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    Hi All
    Here is what I'm trying to acheive.

    I have a WA5210G which I want to use to extend the range of our network to another building on our plot.
    I have a TP LINK router in the house which, when I connect the CPE to my computer and do a survey, I can see with a signal strength of 27dB.
    I have set the CPE up as a AP and with a Wireless Mode of Client., The security passwords match the router in the house.
    I can connect to the router but, when I look at the status, the channel keeps changing and "signal" is never there for long.
    So, my question is, what have I done wrong? I intend, once I've got it connnected, and I know this should be possible, to connect a router to the LAN port of the CPE so there will be a router in the house ana router in the outbuilding
    I hope I've explained this well enough. I just cant make any more sense out of it myself.


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    This is what I see on the status page.
    Operating Mode: Client
    Signal: 32 dB
    SSID: Terrace
    Channel: 6
    Mode: 54Mbps (802.11g)
    MAC Address: 54-E6-FC-CD-AE-**
    Traffic Statistics
    Received Sent
    Bytes: 4874 3045
    Packets: 16 21

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    Is that possible to send your network topology here?And how abut the model number of your CPE?Are you able to connect two products together?


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