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    Question Philips Hue bridge 2.0 not connecting

    Model : M5Firmware Version : Latest
    Hi all,Have set up 6 Deco's throughout the house and all works fine, everything connected and buzzing away.EXCEPT, my Philips Hue 2.0 bridge refuses to behave.The first two leds burn ( power and network) but the third keeps flashing (no internet). Even attaching it through Ethernet directly to the first Deco (a tip on some Fora) doesn't work.Irritatingly the device also cannot be found through Fing app (network tool on my iPad) even though second led shows it has network.Before reverting to a full factory reset of the Hue Bridge (and reconfiguring all lights etc.) looking for tips on this forum?
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    Experienced something similar with my smart home controller (Telldus) and it worked fine after disconnecting the power to it hence forcing a restart that made it reconnect to the network again.

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    I have the same problem with my Sonos system. The Sonos is connected via Ethernet cable. I can connect to it when working on my pc. Devices connected via WiFi can not connect. When I plugin my Sonos to a second m5 port then the connecting via WiFi works but via Ethernet stops working. Looks like port blocking.

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    Have bitten the bullet today and performed a factory reset on the Hue bridge. It connected immediately and works splendidly now within the Deco ecosystem. Clearly this was something inflexible on Philips Hue side. All left now is to redefine all the lights and rules associated with them, wish me luck.
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    Interesting. I actually had to completely reinstall my whole Sonos system after the setup of Deco M5.I have a Bridge and Connect via cable and the rest on sonosnet. Actually haven't tried controlling the system via my ethernet connected computer yet but my WiFi connected units (phone/pc) works fine.

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    TP-Link supportconformed me that the WiFi and the Ethernet network are on different segments. R&Dwill release this month a new firmware with a new feature called AP. When switchingto AP mode then I will be able to connect my Sonos from both networks.
    I have noproblem connecting to my Philips HUE on the WiFi and on the Ethernet. I thinkbecause it is working on port 80. The Sonos app works on other ports.


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