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    TP Link Router - CRC errors - TD-W8901N

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    Hi everyone
    Recently I was making a maintenance my ADSL wifi and I see so much CRC errors in my ADSL ( see the pic ) . How can I clean this error ? And is it a Provider problems or some equipment in my home that i need to fix it ?

    See attachements log Name:  2017-07-07 17_41_30-Mozilla Firefox.png
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    have you seen this before? http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-547.html
    And i think if the connection is good and stable, there is no need to take those errors seriously.

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    thanks for the document info.

    This is the 2 second DSL equipment with CRC problems . I had read this document and it had mentioned that I need to change the information below
    1. Go to Advanced Setup-> ADSL-> Select “G.DMT” or “ADSL2” as ADSL mode, as is known, lower speed can bring up more stability in complex network environment. is it work to ISP provider for my country ?

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    Can you help

    can you give me a reading of my case? I've suffered dsl problems for over a month and calling the provider didn't helpSNR MARGIN 34.6 30.6LINE ATTENUATION 4.9 9.0DATA RATE 4767 284MAX RATE 23604 1371POWER 14.5 -2.3CRC 0 0Thanks


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