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I have the fallowing situation and maybe someone can help me make the right setting.

I have 2 ADSL lines & 2 Fiber Connection(With Public IP's) and I would like to connect them into a TP-Link TL-480T+ load balance router.
Let's start:

My Internal Network is on (
I configure 4 Wan using Static IP'S

Can someone please help me configure this network.

I need to achieve following things,

1) If any internet serivces provider is down the other Wans work continuously (redundancy)
2) Maximum utilization of bandwidth

3) Routing (DHCP of Load Balancer & internal network can communicate each other) ??

4) Few Application uses Direct Public Ip to access the Internet (Fiber /ADSL links directly connected to load balancer) so those application can still use Public IP

Can Load balancer DHCP provide my internal network ip and Gateways

A little help will be appreciated.

Thank you for making time to read this.