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    Thumbs up C2600 2.4ghz guest network does not connect to internet.

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Random internet connection drops.

    last days no internet at all on my Guest network. I updated to the march 17 firmware no improvements. My secure internal wifi works fine but the Guest network is visible and you can connect and get an IP but you will get no internet..!?

    UPDATE 17/007/2017:
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    So 5GHz network is working or not?Did you try to reset this router?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin SG View Post
    So 5GHz network is working or not?Did you try to reset this router?
    I did a backup and a factory reset. Than restored the backup. No change, guest 2.4Ghz wifi still stops for no reason al all.

    5 gHz secure and guest are working fine.

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    I now restarted without my 3.0 USB drives te check if this makes a difference

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    UPDATE 17/007/2017:

    After some changes at home I found that connection remains for almost 3 days, I don't know why so If anyone kan enlighten me?


    Main Router Archer C2600 connecterd:

    ..\ wired to \ 2x Homeplug TP-link TL-PA8030P

    - \ from fuse box to
    -------\ living room, TV/audio
    -------\ 1st floor, Game PC

    ..\ Wireless \ 2x Range Extender TP-Link RE200 (same SSID as main router) conn. 5gHz to router and 2.4gHz to mobile devices.

    - \ from fuse box to

    -------\ shed, Garden 2.4gHz output
    -------\ between 1st & 2nd floor 2.4gHz output


    I removed all Range extenders.

    2x USB3 connected
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    not following you,sorry. do you mean without extenders C2600 works fine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flying snow View Post
    not following you,sorry. do you mean without extenders C2600 works fine?
    That's exactly what I say. Without my 2 extenders it works now for 4 days without loosing internet connection. With the extenders the wifi antennas from the Archer router will keep sending and receiving signal to the mobile divices but stop all traffic to the www on the Guest network 2.4 Ghz.

    So Now my wifi range is less but for now stable. But I found a new problem on my 5 Ghz Guest band. After monitoring it for a view days I noticed that the wifi signal send by the router is unstable. Normal 5Ghz is stable but Guest drops every 15 sec, stays gone 15 sec, than appears again for 15 sec. this is repeated constantly.

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    if you have time trying to get tp-link on the phone to troubleshoot with you. They may decide its hardware problem as replace it for you.

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    Afterreading page after page on the router and the extenders I think Iknow what happens and if im right it's far from OK.

    Mysituation is described in this link last point 'Scenario5':


    ApplicationScenario 5(High Speed Mode):
    MainRouter is 5GHz only product, and all your wireless clients arecapable of 2.4GHz.Toenable High Speed Mode for the above situation,please go toWireless-High Speed-Select “Local wireless access in 2.4GHz onlyand main router/AP extension in 5GHz”,then scan for the main 5GHznetwork to connect.After it is configuredsuccessfully,the RE200 will onlybroadcast 2.4GHz network,and the 5GHz light will litup,5GHz will be off.

    I think because of this 5 Ghz drops the range extenders will not connect in time to work. Before they have internet connection from the router wifi drops on the router and the extenders have to try to connect again.

    I had contact with TP but they talk in circles. I have done all they have asked no solutions.

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    how about this way, fix the C2600 in band 1 like 44 and bandwidth to 40Mhz. Then reconfigure RE200 to C2600 using 5ghz?

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    For now I have removed all (2) extenders in my home.

    The 5 GHz Guest problem is not solved so I'm waiting for TP-link to contact me.

    Below you can see some video from the problem. TP-Link told me they made a similar setup (with the same 2 USB3 cables and HD's?) and could not reproduce it they told me in a mail. I have no idea what use this info has for me as clearly as you all can see I have this strange problem. I could try to restore the former firmware but the problem exists for a long time so I don't know if it's hard or software related. Because the normal 5 Ghz works fine I think it's not the antenna hardware.

    Video 1.20min : Wifi 5 Ghz Gast drops constant.


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