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    New AV2000 devices are really slow compared to my internet speed

    Model :

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    I have just provided the AV2000 model (without passthrough) to try it at home, to see if the internet in my bedroom would improve, problem is that when setting it up these devices where so big that i had to put power cord extenders in the location where they where needed because of furniture standing op against it.

    My main question is this, the speed that i got of of these were really low.
    I have a 300/60 mbit connection at home and with the wireless in the same room i get over between 80-100 mbit download and 50-60 upload. That's with having only 2-3 bars on my NUC pc, so not even at max.
    When using the tp-link i only got 15-20 mbit DL and only 5-10 upload.

    When checking the connections i noticed that middle light in the bedroom was green. suggesting there was connection between the devices.
    The one connected to the router had a red does this have something to do with the degraded speed?
    And does it have something to say that there was power cord extenders in between?

    Thx in advance for the answers.

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    Red means unhappy, yes. Also, as the manual clearly says, the PLC adapters must be directly on wall sockets. Never put them on power cord extenders or power strips.

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    There is beta firmware available that has improved things for many users of these adaptors.

    See http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....ing-connection


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