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    Configuration Lan and troubleshooting CPE210

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    Hi, thanks for your attention.

    I used a cpe 210 to connect my home to my lab that is located 30 mt from home.
    I connected the Cpe210 to the home modem router (ISP) and in the lab I have a Tplink TL-WR841N router configured as WDS Bridging.
    So far, it has always worked apart from the fact that every 10 days I have to restart the CPE because it unavoidably falls into the connection with the lab router.
    For a couple of days, however, it does not work anymore.

    Modem Router (ISP) Netis WF2411
    Dhcp range

    CPE 210 Acces Point Mode
    IP Static

    Router TL-WR841N (Laboratory)
    Configured for WDS Bridging

    Now a friend brought me a TP-Link TL-WA801ND Wireless Access Point that I do not use and I think I use this as a Client between the CPE 210 and the TL-WR841N Router.

    You could kindly advise me on the correct configuration to create the network and avoid disconnections

    Thank you ! Greetings

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    Are your home and Lab the two separate buildings and 30 meters away from each other ? Do you have only one CPE210 and configured it as AP mode? The thing is if you want to extend the wifi signal from one building to another building, you should use at least two CPE210 and configure one as AP and the other Client.


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