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Thread: usb powering

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    usb powering

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    Region : Italy

    Model : TL-MR3040

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    I come from Italy and I have a question/problem about tplink 3040.
    I use the router with modem tplink MA260 with internet provider tim.
    The wireless is not active.
    If the router has small power in the battery it seems that usb powering is not enough to let 3040 to be able to start with ethernet active and usb modem MA260.
    The router continually reboot and the problem is solved only when you charge the router for at least 5 minutes.
    Why usb powering is not enough?
    Maybe I have to buy a double Y usb cable (with micro usb at the end) to give more power to 3040: in your opinion does it solve my problem?

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    it is better to keep the battery while charging through usb port.


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