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    tp-link MR6400 LTE Mode no https on LAN Ports

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    i bought a tp-link TL MR6400 Router and use it in LTE Mode with a SIM from spusu.at.
    When i connect my devices via WLAN everything is working perfekt.
    But when i connect to the LAN ports, i can not open some websites which are using https. I tried it with 5 diffrent PCs. None of them worked.

    I used the default configuration.
    LAN IP is But i found out, that i can ping and i don't know which device that is?

    When i do the tracert command to google.com the first station ist, the secound is and than a public address.

    Is there something i have to configure special?

    thanks for hints.


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    so devices via wlan can open https website? via cables can not? can you ping the https website in command window? they will reply with an ip address, try that ip address to see if it will open.
    You can also login MR6400 and change the DNS to for a try.
    what https website you have tried?


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