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    Question Security Question about Guest WLAN

    Model : TL-WPA8730KIT

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : TL-WPA8730(EU)_V1_170407(AP)

    ISP : Unitymedia[/COLOR]


    yesterday i changed my good old 4220 Kit into a new 8730 Kit, because it wanted to expand on the 5GHz WLAN.
    The new KIT is working perfectly, bringing me a speed boost from ~130MBit up to 400-800MBit on the new adapters

    My question is about the guest network.
    I can enable the guest WLAN at the 8730 adapter, but does this separate this network from the rest network when the Router itself has 4 LAN ports where other devices are connected to?

    In my special case i got a bluray player, xbox and my nas attached to the router. The 4th lan port is connected to the 8010 adapter. In my view this gives the guests access to this 3 devices. The guest network should be only inside the powerline network, or am i wrong at this point?

    With best regards,

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    i think that guest network will separate it from the reset network including your player,xbox,main Wi-Fi on the TL-WPA8760 and router.
    You can test it by connecting one of your laptop to the guest and see if it can access the nas.

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    In general, a properly implemented "guest network" will have its own IP address range, which will not route through to the regular LAN's IP address range. For this to work across LAN and WLAN, all routing devices must coordinate their efforts, the important bit being that the main WAN router erects the two LAN segments and keeps them separate. This typically works right only if everything is from the same vendor and vaguely on the same firmware levels.

    In case a WLAN AP on the regular LAN simply erects a "guest WLAN", that WLAN will eventually route through the regular local LAN, still exposing everything there to the guests.


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