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    Web interface access after configuring VLAN

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    I've followed following steps to make VLAN on my smart switch, the way I setup 2 VLAN on 2 ports and one trunk port, but once I've created this I have not able to access the smart switch web interface, router assign (DHCP) IPs for the 2 networks, I couldn't find switch IP assigned to switch to access the web interface.
    Anyone can help ?
    (I can access web GUI changing IP on PC to (switch default network) and connect to another port on the switch (not VLAN port) but this is not I need)

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    Then why don't you put the switch into the VLAN you want it to have by assigning a fixed IP from the appropriate subnet? I don't understand what's the problem doing so. If you want the switch to respond to a certain IP, you need to assign it this IP!


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