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    HS200 to activate HS105

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    Couldn't find an answer elsewhere. I have a switch that I would like to replace with the HS200, but I would like for when the HS200 is turned on/off (manually like a normal switch) the HS105 plugged into an outlet across the room to also turn on/off a lamp. Will this work?


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    I would suggest IFTTT if you can tolerate a few seconds delay but I don't see a TP Link service there. Another option is my app (see my signature) which does this kind of thing very easily and instantly.

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    Cool TP-HS200 Color Choices


    I understand that the TP-Link HS200 only comes in white at this time. A majority of homes in the US typically has two different color switches and outlets. That would be white and ivory. I am in need of several TP-HS200 switches in the color of ivory as opposed to white. Mixing the two colors is obvious and stands out in a none appealing way. I want to stay with the TP-Link HS200 switches because I have had good luck with them. However, do you know when TP-Link is going to start producing these switches in ivory?

    Thank you!


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