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    Archer D7 constant cutout

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    My brand new archer D7 modem router, which i got to replace my previous modem router to have better wifi range, is constantly cutting out.
    Every 2-5 minutes the modem cuts out, sometimes more often, it seems to happen even more while using wifi.
    When it cuts out, the internet no longer works, and even the LAN modem website doesn't work (
    If i'm on the modem website while it cuts out, pressing anything gives me an Error code: 80002
    The cutout usually only lasts for 20 seconds.
    It is essentially impossible to use wifi at all. (I've tried disabling 5G as well)

    The diagnostics all pass.

    While attempting to do a speed test at speedtest.net, it cut out 3 times, so i had to do the test 4 times before it worked.

    The previous modem: "Bipac 7800N" still works perfectlym although has some wifi issues.

    ISP: Telstra/ Bigpond
    Firmware version: 1.6.0 0.9.1 v002d.0 Build 160216 Rel.57110n
    Hardware version: Archer D7 v1 00000002

    I've uploaded the modem log here:

    I've restarted the modem many times.

    Also another strange thing: Changing the DNS settings in Network->Lan Settings did not update the DNS server on the main status screen, i had to change it in network->internet.

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    no ideas why it cuts off frequently, contact TP-LINK Support. This issue is quite complicated.

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    This has already been solved.
    The fault was with my fetch-tv box or the ethernet cable used to connect it. (Although it works on the other modem)
    With the fetch-tv box plugged in via ethernet, the modem constantly crashes, but without it, it works flawlessly.
    I have it connected via wifi now and it's fine.

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    thanks for sharing with us


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