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    Angry HS100 - Keeps turning lights on at the wrong time

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    So please let me preface this post by saying I've been in IT since 1989 - so I am not a stranger to technology. I have three HS100 units and none of them work. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions for the below?

    Last trip I took I plugged all three units into various plugs around the house. All HS100 units are labeled so I now which one goes where. I set a schedule for each to turn on/off at specific times. During the trip I check my house security cams and see that the lights are not NOT on when I set them to be on, and they ARE on when they're not supposed to be on. I thought it was a fluke, that I did something wrong and thus didn't do anything about it.

    Last week I went on another trip. Again I plugged in all the HS100's I have, and set the schedule. I come home early from my trip, walk into one of the rooms where the plug is set to be on at 9pm, and guess what - the light is on at 3pm! I check the app on the phone and indeed the time is set properly.

    Does anyone else have similar issues? Scheduling is the simplest thing ever, yet it's not working. Any solutions or was this a waste of my money?

    Also - TP-Link off-shore support is useless.

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    Could it be a time zone issue on the phone or an incorrect gps location for the switch?

    In any case it should be easy to test by setting a short temporary schedule.

    I don't bother with using the built in scheduler myself (I use AutomationManager for all of my scheduling/automation) but I haven't seen or heard of any issues with it - as you've said it's pretty easy to get right so it seems unlikely there's a problem.

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    Did you choose the correct location first?


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