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    TP-Link TD-W8960N problem with forwarding port 9

    Model : TD-W8960N

    Hardware Version : TD-W8960N V5 0x00000001

    Firmware Version : 1.1.1 Build 141107 Rel.34856

    ISP : Forthnet Greece


    I own an TD-W8960N v5 with the latest firmware. I am trying to open port 9 in order to use it for Wake on LAN with no success.
    You can find the settings in Virtual NAT server here.
    I have already set an DDNS with No-IP service. It is running OK (I have enabled the remote access for the router and checked that is working well.)
    The problem is that when I am not connected in the local network I cannot wake my PC. On the other hand I can when I am connected locally.
    I would be grateful if anyone could help.
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    try change the router lan subnet to Then open a port 9 for ip


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