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I have a T1600G-28PS (TL-SG2424P) 24 Port Managed POE Switch (Layer 2+).
I established a wlan roaming network. The connection works automatically (client based, no wlan controller) and after roaming to another wlan, the clients will request a "new" ip address from my dhcp server. (they usually get the same IP). However, unfortunately it will take several minutes until they get the IP as the reqest is now from a different switch port and the switch seems to be "too smart" and remembers the old port and does not send the dhcp offer to the new port. How can i change this???
Example for clarification:
My dhcp server is on port 4, wlan AP 2 is on port 20 and wlan AP 1 is on port 1.
So, now, my wlan client is on AP 2 (port 20) and now roams to AP 1 which is on port 1. They dhcp server on port 4 will see the dhpc request and make a dhcp offer to the wlan client (which was previously on port 20 and now is on port 1, same mac of course), but unfortunately this request does not reach the client (only after several minutes of re-trying). I think this is either the mac table or the arp table (or whatever?) which is not refreshed and so the dhcp offer is not sent to the new port but rather to the old port. What can I do?