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    Lightbulb Is IFTTT support on the horizon?

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    I noticed there is IFTTT support for a handful of routers. Are there plans for IFTTT services for smart bulbs? There are a great number of useful applets that could take advantage of TP-Link smart bulbs, especially the multicolor ones, eg. If I get a twitter mention, then flash the bulb blue.

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    I would like to see light switches included in the IFTTT services as well. How about generalizing the light bulbs forum to make is so light switches are included as well, or create forum for them?

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    In the future the smart bulbs will use this service.

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    This is a must to be able to compete in today's market of home automation.

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    IFTTT is definitely needed. Is it cost prohibitive to join this standard?

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    Indeed, the model and its color is very good, may be useful for many people

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    Hurray IFTTT is available in beta

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    This is great! I have more respect in a company listening to customer feedback and actually adding needed features to existing products.

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    Wink the Beta is looking good

    I ran the beta through its paces, and it is performing as anticipated


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