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    EAP 220 - SSID "disappears" for some devices

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    Hi, I have two EAP220 connected but with one I have problems.
    The wifi signal does not detect it with some devices (mobile phones, presence detectors ...), while in another it appears to without problems and it's fully usable.
    In addition, sometimes it disappears of all the devices and if it does not restart does not appear again.
    I've tried updating the firmware to the latest version (year 2017), but it stays the same. I tried in alonemode and managed, as well as reset it, but it still fails.

    If it's "disappeared", it replys the pings signals, so the device is not hanged.
    Any ideas? RMA?


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    Is there any interference near the EAP220? You can do a spectrum analyse, I met the similar problem with SSID disappearing, and as a result it's caused by an interference. You can try to change another channel.

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    My EAP220 has the same problem.
    I found the latest firmware of EAP220 in Global website(http://www.tp-link.com/en/download/EAP220.html#Firmware) has fixed related issue that 2.4G radio stops working in congested RF environment. Now the condition seems stable for several days.

    When you upgrade the EAP220, don't forget to upgrade your Controller to the latest V2.5.4

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    Nice that they tried to fix the bug. But for me it doesn´t bring any solution at all. It´s still a very unstable wifi signal. Anybody other solutions in for example the settings that improve this.

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    Model? Firmware version? Which band is unstable?


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