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Thread: Dsl-6740u

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    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Using DSL-6740U for internet connectivity provided by Dsmart in Turkey. Firmware level is 1.0.4 ( cannot be upgraded by user, isp provided )
    from time to time ( 10-15 times daily ) modem crashes.
    log entries .....
    "dns proxy/292: Potentially unexpected fatal signal 11 "
    the rest is attached file.

    Since I cannot upgrade firmware ( isp provided ) what can be done.
    Pls help.
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    is this Dsl-6740u a TP-LINK model ? if the modem crash frequently, you can contact ISP to change a new modem for you as this one is not working well.

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    I request modem change from ISP, the new one is also with 1.0.4 firmware. Same errors happened for a period of time, then I learned that I'm not restricted to the firmware level of Isp, so I upgraded to 1.0.10 level which works perfectly for almost 10 days no crash, no line drops ....


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