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    Is the schedule stored in the smart plug or internet cloud?

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    Is the schedule stored in the smart plug or internet cloud?I setup a schedule to turn on my fishfeeder than left for a long summer vacationcancelling the internet. Does that smart plug need constant internet for the schedule or does it store the programming inside? Thanks

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    The schedule-rules are stored in the device - for switching (and programming) no internet is needed .

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    the schedule is stored in the plug once you have made on in the kasa app. but if you wan to control the plug instantly or create new schedule, the plug connect to internet at that moment.

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    Thank you for confirming that the schedule settings are stored on the device.

    I am very disappointed in TP link technical support as I have called them twice and both times they told me it was stored online only and the device had to be physically contacted by the online server each time it turn on/off.

    I was told that since my internet connection was disconnected, it would fail to work. How this translated to me is that all the fish in my 75 gallon aquarium would not be feed due to me not having internet and I would be forced to cut my vacation short and return home to feed my fish.
    The fish feeder I have is triggered on by having power supplied to it then when power is off it will reset until power is supplies to it again.

    Lucky when I called back a 3rd time and the person was nice enough to check on this and finally came back and acknowledge that its stored on the device and so my fish would receive food without internet(since I had already set this schedule up)

    I don't understand why the TP link customer service reps do not understand their own product unless its outsourced to people who don't really understand the product. I also don't understand why this information is not in their manuals and marketing specs.

    Many people are primary hesitant to buy this product especially in operating a fish feeder while on vacation because they fear if the modem or router need to be reset and the internet stops working then it will stop operating correctly.

    If people knew the schedule is stored on the device itself they would feed more comfortable using it in important operations.

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