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    Question Latest Firmware for VR900

    Via the web interface on my router it says :

    Archer VR900 v2 00000000

    0.1.0 0.9.1 v0069.0 Build 160525 Rel.38143n

    however on the TP Link site it says :

    Archer VR900 (EU) V2 Build 160721 offered as the original and only firmware !!

    I am confused , my router says build 160525 and TP Link site says Build 160721.

    I have tried to check this via the interface in the router and it says I am up to date ?

    So what is correct , or am I reading it wrong ?

    Does the online interface not work that checks and allows you to update the firmware or do I have to manually download the firmware from the site and apply it ?
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    Anybody with any ideas on this ?

    I don't want to kill my new router by trying the wrong firmware but on the other hand if there is a firmware update I assume it will improve my router's performance or security.

    I am in UK on TalkTalk VDSL line 80/20 Mbps .
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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.

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    i think it is ok to upgrade the firmware released on the website.

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    Exclamation Which firmware is newest for UK VDSL line !!!!!!!

    Hi Uutommi,

    So do I but the bit that worries me is I do not have warranty , so I need a definite YES before screwing up my new toy .

    The bit that worries me is this :

    Archer VR900 (EU) V2 Build 160721 offered as the original and only firmware !! but mine is Build 160525 that's where it doesn't add up .

    I think I will wait and see if there is anyone that can verify this is good.
    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.

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    I assume the firmware Build 160525 ( means 25th May 2016 ) and Build 160721 ( means 21st July 2016 )

    Just got a reply from TP link :

    And the firmware is not latest, could you please upgrade the firmware to double check:

    If can please download the firmware in the below link:

    Then upgrade the firmware:

    Will get a go to do this in a week or so and will post results.
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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.


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