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    Exclamation Archer VR900 v2 NO STATS !!!!

    I have just purchased a VR900 DSL router and fitted it to a TalkTalk 80/20 VDSL line , I am very pleased with the performance compared to my std TalkTalk HG633 Huawei unit ,
    the link speed is 79999/19999 and I get a good 450Mbps linked to my Laptop's Intel 6300N wireless card on both 2.4 and 5 Ghz.

    Speedtest.net tests give 20ms PINGS and 75 down and 18 up .

    However I cannot find ANY stats for the VDSL line , where are the stats for SHOWTIME / FASTPATH / INTERLEAVED or anything like FEC or CRC errors , even the Huawei HG633
    that TalkTalk supply shows this , I used to have a Billion 8800 AXL which is another VDSL router and this had a huge list of line stats .

    So where are these stats on a VR900 , as its running a Broadcom chipset they are available , have TP Link blocked these from being shown ?

    It seems crazy if they have , how are we supposed to tell if our BT line has any issues or any way for us to diagnose line issues , as we know BT and ISP's never admit a line fault
    unless you can produce some of these !!

    The main reason I went looking is the extremely limited stats say I have " Packet Errors " on my upstream ( 114 errors in 2 days ) and I wanted to see why or what errors there are , I also wanted to see if the DLM was allowing FASTPATH with this router or if it had reverted to an INTERLEAVED line , but for some reason I can't find anything ?

    I just spoke to TalkTalk tech and they asked me about errors which my old TalkTalk std router/modem a Huawei HG633 showed , but I have nothing to give them !!

    Will TP Link be doing a firmware update for the VR900 v2 anytime soon ?

    And if so is there any way for me to ask if these stats can be added to the Advanced / Status page ?
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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.

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    it seems that TP-LINK don't make those info display on the router management page. But we can feedback to TP-LINK support and tell them what we want so they will take it seriously.

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    Thumbs up

    I have been doing some geeking on this since my post and I can see hundreds of VR900 users saying the same thing on many of the different forums, why on earth has TP Link decided to not show ANYTHING is it a simple oversite on their part or are they actively blocking us seeing the line stats ?

    Almost all other TP Link Modem / Router models that I have looked at show a good selection of the "Line Stats "so why is the VR900 missing them all ?

    I have been having issues with my VDSL line the last few weeks and it has been a nightmare trying to get TalkTalk to even agree there may be a fault , one minute they say line tests have passed with glowing colours the next I am told I have had 6 retrains in the last 2 days , when the router has been left on ( No reboots ) but I am in the dark as I cannot see ANY line stats !!

    I cannot even see if I am on FASTPATH or INTERLEAVED , TP Link please we need these stats to argue our cases with the ISP's !!
    without these we are at their mercy and have to hope they might help , this situation only exaggerates the ISP's argument that we should use their modems and not 3rd party ones !

    I simply cannot believe that my 200 near top of the range router shows me nothing where my cheap as chips Huawei HG633 from TalkTalk shows me loads !!

    How can I contact technical support , do you have an email address , that would get me through to someone that cares , as emailing straight into normal support will only get me a box full of return emails asking stupid questions and not a technical response which is what I would really like , or is there somewhere we can contact that will assess whether this can be added to future firmware ?

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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.

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    Hi vieldcs,

    Thanks for the reply , I found that link after posting above , but it seems broken , after filling in all the info the page allows you to go to the NEXT page and input Name / Email , as soon as I do this and hit SEND it says FAILED TO SEND , thought it may be the email address I used so tried 3 others ALL do the same so I can only assume it is broken .

    I have sent emails to countless different Support addresses and finally got a response from one of them yesterday , so here's hoping !

    I will report back here if I find out anything of any use from TP Link.
    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.

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    try send email to this directly, support.uk@tp-link.com, i found it on their website.

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    Hi all ,

    Did eventually get a good reply from TP Link , from UK support ,

    I have explained the missing "Line Stats " issues and asked for a Tech Engineer to get back to me ,
    they have passed it to a senior engineer to peruse the problem ,

    so I am now awaiting a decent technical response from TP Link.

    I also pointed them to this forum link.

    Lets hope TP Link are as good as they used to be .
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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.

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    I asked a few questions but here is part extract from emails :

    Thanks so much for the reply and could you also pass this to the developer for hopefully an addition to the next firmware update .

    May I confirm with you my wish list for the firmware :

    Add to ADVANCED / STATUS PAGE the following

    HEC / FEC / CRC errors.
    FASTPATH or INTERLEAVE connection.
    Interleave Depth up/down.


    In advanced / network /DHCP : MAC and IP address are specified but no PC NAME ( could name be added to listing of fixed DHCP clients )

    Got this in my email reply :

    Many thanks for your valuable reply.

    We have feedback your suggestions to the development team and the developer ,
    and they will evaluate will add or not, thanks again for your suggestion.

    And you current firmware is not the latest you can upgrade to the latest one.

    So its sit back and wait on this one , unfortunately , but hey at least I got some acknowledgement .

    Another way to find some extra DSL stats is to use TELNET or find " StatPOSTer-20150824.jar " this is a java interface that's only 23.7kb

    a quick google search will find it on the kitz forum http://forum.kitz.co.uk/index.php?topic=14377.45

    and will do it for you showing the stats in a GUI format ( remove "admin" and leave blank just use password on interface for statposter )

    Fingers crossed TP Link will turn up trumps and add these stats for us , the more people ask the more likely ,
    feel free to copy/paste the above requests and email it to TP link support .

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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.


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