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    unable to reset password

    Model : EAP110

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    hello, i am unable to reset password of my eap110, i did everything in faq but is not working.. (push button 10 sec)
    what i need to do?

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    is incredible that i am unable to reset the password!

    i cliked for 20 sec the reset button and nothing change, then

    this is the message that i get if i try to reset password via browser..

    Email server not set. Please check your settings and try again.

    i need help

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    Can't see the message...
    Do you want to change the wireless password or devices login account password?
    Did hold the reset button for 10 second? Or you just login its Webinterface and change the password in the page?
    If you hold the reset button for 10 seconds, I think the device should be totally reset, you need to re-login and assign a new password.

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    i want to reset all.
    i did the hold button for 10
    maybe is a network problem.. in fact i am unable to login in the device.. "maybe" the device dont get the proper ip configuration
    i have a modem/router on
    if i launch the eap controller app... the app launch the browser to here no password work... (the right one or the standard after the reset) so i guess that i have a network issue

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    1. If you connected the EAP and your host PC behind your modem router, then they will achieve different IP addresses from this router, you need to open the web browser and type in the EAP's IP address in the address bar (you may be able to know the EAP's IP address from the modem router's DHCP pool), then you can login the EAP's web interface via its default user name and password (admin/admin)

    2. The EAP controller is used to centrally manage EAPs, you can install the EAP controller on a PC behind the router, then since the PC and EAP are in a same subnet, the EAP controller will be able to discover the EAP automatically. Then you can login the EAP controller to manage EAP. Please note the user name and password of EAP controller is different as EAPs.

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    i cliked for 20 sec the reset button and nothing change, then

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    tank you xingdeer.. i have the eap connected behind the modem router, but i am unable to find the proper ip address from the modem router.. i can only get the mac address (i think is the mac address) of the EAP so i cannot try the base user and pass

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    found it!
    used the EAP discover utility
    and found the ip address.. now i am able to login.. wonder how to add a simple password to the wifi now

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    Glad to hear this! Besides, you can refer to the user guide for detailed configuration such as adding a password to wifi.


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