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    Question How to put a range of ip in router to get hundreds of ip address using dhcp

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    Please help, I have a TP-LINK, TL-R480T+ router and Im trying to put a range of ip in this router so it can assigned hundreds of IP address automatically using DHCP for my large network.&nbsp; <br><br>Normally in my Cisco routers it allows me to put an IP of through using subnet mask of, but this router does not allow me to use those IP address for my network thats over 500-1000 users.&nbsp; <br><br>Can anyone tell me how I can assign the correct IP range in this router for my over 500-1000 users in my network?<br><br><br>

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    Hi Dude, it seems can't support more than 256 IP address. You can change the LAN IP subnet first then when you try to change DHCP Server setting to make it can allocate, it will say the ip address pool can't support more than 256 address.


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