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    Unhappy W2016 Teaming in LACP

    Model :TL-SG1016DE V3

    Hardware Version : V3

    Firmware Version : 1.0.1_170530

    Hi all,

    Few days ago, I bought a TL-SG1016DE 3.0 and everything went fine until I've tried to configure 2 ports for a LAG.

    My plan is connect two i350 intel NICs (server) teamed in LACP mode in my W2016 HyperV Host to provide additional throughput. When a try to switch the teamed mode from Switch Independent to LACP mode, these cards go down facing the error "Faulted LACP negotiation" (I configured two ports in a LAG group before changing the SO side).

    I didn't change anything else but LAG ports (VLANs, QoS, etc.... are by default).

    Do you know how can I fix that? I've bought this switch because LAG and VLANs and if it's not working, I will probably have to return it to my seller...

    Thanks in advance! And sorry if my english is not perfect

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