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    Angry XBOX One "Teredo Address not obtained" error on Archer VR2600

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    I replaced a standard Sky Router (for Sky Fibre) with a TP Link VR2600. Everything works fine, but the XBOX lost its multi-player and VOIP capabilities, which require IPV6 tunneling using the teredo protocol.
    I have enabled uPNP on the router, and some services seem to use it, but the XBOX does not seem to be able to deal with it.

    I have the latest firmware installed.

    Any idea what I can do to fix this (besides throwing the Archer VR2600 in the bin and re-installing the Sky Box)?

    Thanks for any help.


    Sven Erik

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    Hi Sven,
    What ports do you have on UPNP list? Did you check the issue with XBOX support? You can check with them to see if the UPNP opened all the ports you need.
    You may have a try with DMZ for your XBOX.

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    Hi Anton,

    XBOX support means Microsoft support, i.e. useless. "Have you switched it off and on again?"
    When I switch the XBOX on, I can see the required UPNP ports being assigned, but the XBOX does not seem to get through. No extra firewall rules set up, and even adding some exceptions to the general firewall setup does not seem to help.

    I do not know the Teredo protocol at all, would something like Wireshark help to determine what is going on on the network.

    At a loss here. For once, the Sky Box seems to have the upper hand.

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    try port forwarding for Xbox or DMZ.
    For the ipv6, set it up as the sky router.

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    I have had the same issue with my vr2600v and it took me ages to find a workaround for the upnp/NAT issues.

    What works for me is to set a bandwidth cap in your router settings. It can be as high as your max internet speed, so it doesn´t negatively impact anything.

    For some reason this forces port forwarding rules and upnp to work consistently.
    Someone posted this workaround for a different issue and I tried it out of desperation. With success!

    Here is the forum post where I found the workaround:

    I hope this helps others with the same problem.

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    Ervelos, you are a certified genius.

    Your fix worked perfectly, thank you very much.

    For future reference, a TP Link VR2600 will work with the Teredo protocol for IPV6 addresses required by the XBOX for online chat if the bandwidth limits in VR2600 are enabled, even if they are set to the allowed maximum value.
    Very odd bug, hopefully fixed in a future firmware upgrade.

    Thanks all for your input and help


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