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    Unhappy Unable to login at

    Model : CPE210

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]


    My ISP provide me with ip
    I have an Airport Extreme Router (Apple) connected to my ISP.

    I tried to modify my ip address in my system preferences, configuring my ip v4 to DHCP with manual address to, as per informations i got from other users in this forum. Apparently, this was working for some people, but for me, modifying my ip v4 address turns to lose the internet. Therefore, i can't access the CPE210 Setup page at

    Anyone can help please ?????

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    You don't need Internet connectivity to connect to the CPE's web UI. Just make sure to set a static IP and to have your laptop/PC connected to the CPE directly (not over the network, since connecting the CPE to a network, where a DHCP server is running will assign a different IP to the CPE if it is still set to receive a dynamic IP address as it is in default settings).

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    Indeed as R1D2 pointed out, run a cable directly from the CPE to the laptop and set the IP on that (laptop) to static for example on subnet From that point onwards you should be able to access the CPE and change it's IP address and subnet to one within the range and subnet of your main router's setup (i.e. usually 192.168.1.xx / on After doing so and connecting the CPE then to the main network router, as well as reverting the laptop's IP to the usual one you should be able to access the CPE nominally.

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    Thank you very much ! In fact, i was trying to modify my wifi ip address instead of my lan connexion :-(.... Everything is now working perfectly and i have a very clear and strong signal out of my house !!!


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