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    quick powerline extender help

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    HI guys - i have a TL-WPA4230PKIT (one client) which works fine. i now find that i need another client but dont need the passthrough or wifi facilities (basically i just need to connect a network cable into my loft - where there is a power point).

    being a technophobe, I dont really understand what i need to do - so if someone could un-idiot with some quick advice, that should solve my problem.

    Do i need to buy another client that is the same as the one i have, or can i buy just a network plug in that will link to the existing hardware with the same speeds (500mps)?

    if so, what is the one is should get?

    thanks for all your help

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    You don't have to buy the same model, all the powerline units in TP-Link can work together. You can purchase a single unit(not a kit), like TL-PA4010 or TL-PA411.

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    perfect thank you


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