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    TL-ER5120 Virtual server config

    Model : TL-ER5120

    Hardware Version : TL-ER5120 v2.0

    Firmware Version : 1.0.8 Build 20140212 Rel.36037

    ISP : Comcast

    I'm trying to forward external port 2222 to internal port 22 and I can't seem to get it to work..

    Here's what I have for One to One Nat

    Original IP Translated IP Interface DMZ Forwarding Description Status (Public IP Hidden) WAN1 Enable WEB APP Active

    and Virtual Server

    Name Interface Protocol External Port Internal Port Internal Server IP Status
    (I've tried this with
    WAN1 as well)
    TCP/UDP 2222 22 Active
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    Hey, dude,What's your demands? I mean why you need to do that.

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    I want to cut down the number of random people/bots trying to ssh into the server.


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