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    No internet via Wireless connection on some adapters

    Model : TL-WPA8730KIT

    Hardware Version : Unknown

    Firmware Version : Unknown

    ISP :Gigaclear 100Gb Fibre to the Premises

    I have just installed four sets of TL-WPA8730KIT in a large house.The adapters were purchased together from Amazon but all in separate retail boxes. From this I assumed that each adapter would need pairing to work.
    The system appeared to be working when I left but now the customer complains he cannot connect to the wireless network on ANY adapter only the router (all devices are cloned to router security credentials). I am sure the Powerline led was illuminated green on all five adapters.
    Using the tpPLC utility to set up the adapters and change their wireless settings ALL the adapters appeared in the utility.
    Please can you advise:-
    1) If all the adapters appear in the utility window without first pressing the pair buttons does that mean they are already paired?. I normally add adapters using the utility and each Powerline key.
    However when I tried to add an already visible adapter I got an error message saying it had problems pairing the device.

    2) Do these devices also have power saving mode? If so as I left them supposedly working could the adapters have gone into power saving mode and not woken up when a new wireless connection was attempted?

    Many thanks

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    1) Yes, if the adapters appear in the utility, that means they are already in the same powerline network. You can just test if you can get internet access from that units.
    2) For wired adapters, they have power saving mode, wireless adapters don't have that.

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    Thanks for the reply but the fact that they all appear in the utility and therefore supposedly on the same powerline group does not mean that they will pass data to the internet. I had to revisit and re-pair every device before they would work together and allow access to the internet.
    Perhaps a glitch in the utility but a bit misleading when setting up for the first time.

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    When they are in factory settings, they all have the same default powerline network name, so normally they will work together automatically when they out from box, but it's better to pair them again with pair button, to make a secure powerline network.


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