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    Business Wilreless configuration.

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    Hi folk good morning, I'm here because I need help to build a wireless network in my workplace.
    The building is a Car Dealership, and we have a parking lot, and we need wifi in all area of the space.
    My project to build was 6 items, and I already bought almost of them.

    1 T1500G 10MPS FOR POE


    1 EAP 110- OUTDOOR.

    Witch configuration I have to setup at the T1500G to receive the internet and router to all other devices include the EAP220 access point.
    Or i need to buy an extra router like TL-R480T+, to setup the internet and share with the T1500G.

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    Topology is simple as: Internet--- Router---T1500G---EAPs, I think this should be ok if you have no special requirement, no need for TL-R480T+.
    Besides, you can share with us that do you have any requirements like dividing the network into different VLAN, if no special requirements, I also think there is no need for extra configuration on the T1500G.

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    No, it's a normal Network, we have almost 37 devices connected, wireless and cable, the wired cable is gigabit, and the internet provider are comcast, 200mbps down and 35 up.
    I asked about the TL-R480T, because the comcast cable modem are the worst to control the IP and DHCP, and my option is to use the comcast modem as bridge and setup the TL-R480T to manage all , my connection some times is slow. Maybe in the future I rather to put another internet to help.

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    If you want to use comcast modem as bridge, then I think you have to buy an extra NAT router.
    While since TL-R480T+ adopts fast Ethernet port, and its NAT throughput is within 100Mbps, so it might not meet your speed of 200mbps down and 35 up. You can choose TL-ER5120 with an NAT throughput of 350Mbps instead.

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    Just a question, can I use the EAP controler to receive the internet from the comcast bridge modem, and control trough, T1500G ?

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    EAP controller adopts hang-side network, so it's just used to manage and monitor the EAPs in network.
    The EAP controller has no NAT and DHCP function, you can not use it as a router to receive the Internet and share with devices behind.

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    Ok thanks, for now I setup the basic, install all eaps, and the 1500 10mp, Next week, i will finish all, It's working pretty good and was easy to setup.


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