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    Firewall port problems DL-W7960

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    I have a service that I use to log into a webserver by using the IPaddress and port 2087., then I anget to the site.
    It seems if I have the firewall on he router set to medium or high, the site cannot be reached. However, if I set the firewall to LOW or OFF, and the router will display "No Services are restricted" then I can get to the site. But the only problem is that the HTTPS shows with a cross through it, and says NOT SECURE.

    How do I make sure that the port is working through the firewall and everyhing is secure without lowering my firewall settings? I guess the port needs to be added to the list of services at the firewall. Yet, I see no documentation to do this.

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    I think the services in the list should be generated automatically, just according to the firewall level you selected.

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    I have a similar problem

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    when you select firewall to high, do you see allow port listed in the web management page?


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